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Metsec manufactures and distributes a wide range of cables and systems for the transmission and distribution of power.


The company supplies underground power transmission cables and systems, power distribution cables and systems and network components for a wide range of applications within the utilities industry. In underground power transmission Metsec Cables designs, supplies and installs High and Extra-High Voltage cables for power transmission systems both from power plant sites and in the transmission and primary distribution networks, especially focusing on customized turnkey solutions and cables with a high technological content. Metsec Cables also provides installation and post-installation services, network management and maintenance and emergency services, such as disaster recovery. In the field of power distribution cables and systems, Metsec Cables supplies Medium Voltage cables and systems to connect industrial and residential buildings to the primary distribution networks. The company also produces Low Voltage cables and systems for power distribution and the wiring of buildings. All products comply with international and local relevant standards.

Trade & Installers

Metsec Cables manufactures a complete range of rigid and flexible Low Voltage cables and Building Wires to distribute power to and within residential and non-residential premises in compliance with international standards. The company specialises in high performance cables with special properties such as fire resistance and low smoke and halogen emissioncables for applications where safety is paramount.


For industrial applications, Metsec Cables specializes in integrated, added value cabling solutions highly customized to the individual specifications of customers. Metsec Cables serve a broad range of industries including the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical sector, transportation, mining and renewable energies sector, including wind and solar power, nuclear energy and also for defence and military applications. Products range from Low and Medium Voltage power and instrumentation/ control cables, to dynamic multipurpose umbilicals for transporting energy, telecommunications, fluids and chemical products. In the transport sector Metsec cables are used in the construction of automobiles and also for infrastructure applications - in railways, harbours and airport facilities.

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