Quality Testing

At Metsec, we realise that the quality of our product is the future of our business. So, not only do we provide a large range of cables to international certifications and standards, such as HAR, BS KEBS and IEC, but we also conduct our own in-house quality checks to ensure our cable meets the most stringent requirements. So we don’t just rely on third party verification for our quality.

Our Quality Department is highly experienced, very well equipped and capable of measuring key dimensional and electrical properties of any cable to ensure conformity to the appropriate specification.

Knowing the Standard

It may seem obvious, but you need to know what you are measuring. At Metsec Cables we hold up to date copies of all the relevant standards for our cables. This ensures that whether we are checking the electrical or dimensional elements of a cable we know which standard applies.

Physical Testing
The dimensional stability of a product is a key indicator of quality. Here we look at the fundamental build of the cable, stripping away each layer and measuring to ensure compliance. With the aid of micrometers, vernier calipers and the microscope, we are able to confirm compliance to purchasing specification and relevant National and International standards. It is not just the measurement of the cable dimension that is important, but visual indicators such as surface finish, strip-ability and flexibility.
Electrical Testing
The purpose of a cable is to carry electrical energy efficiently from one place to another. Therefore, the heart of a cable is the conductor and the key characteristic to efficiency is resistivity. At Metsec Cables we use an industry standard micro-ohmeter to test the resistivity of the cable against that stated by the supplier within routine test information provided. This is also cross referenced with our production specification and the appropriate International standard.
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