Electrical Design

As part of our value-added services we offer electrical design services to our customers. The designs enable quick calculations of the entire electrical installations with low voltage cables.

It also generate a Bill of Quantities and ensures that you have made the best possible selection of cable types and specifications. The designs for example, show the correct cross-section of the conductors you need in your installation, ensuring safety and best value.

Once the entire installation is designed, we shall generate documentation such as shopping lists, installation drawings, voltage drops and short circuit values, for your perusal.

Some of the detailed reports we can assist you with for your electrical designs include:

  • Cable Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Time/Current Co-ordination Curves
  • User defined Time Current Curves
  • Maximum Demand
  • Cable Thermal Stress
  • Let Through Energy
  • Cable Sizing
  • Conduit Sizing
  • Fault-loop Impedance
  • Fault Level Calculations
  • Arc Fault Calculations
  • Circuit Breaker Selection
  • Single Line Diagram
  • Harmonic Mitigation
  • Power Factor Correction
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