From the sourcing of raw materials to the final inspection of finished products,
our dedicated team of experts meticulously monitors and assesses each stage to guarantee excellence

Metsec Cables Ltd. is a leading supplier of underground power transmission cables, power distribution cables, and network components for diverse utilities industry applications.


Metsec Cables Ltd. is a leading supplier of underground power transmission cables, power distribution cables, and network components for diverse utilities industry applications. Our expertise in underground power transmission encompasses the design, supply, and installation of High and Extra-High Voltage cables, ensuring seamless power transmission from power plant sites to transmission and primary distribution networks. With a strong emphasis on customized turnkey solutions and technologically advanced cables, we cater to unique project requirements.

In addition to our product supply, we offer comprehensive services, including installation, post-installation support, network management, and maintenance. Our commitment to excellence extends to emergency services, ensuring swift disaster recovery when needed.

For power distribution needs, we provide Medium Voltage cables and systems that efficiently connect industrial and residential buildings to primary distribution networks. Moreover, we manufacture Low Voltage cables and systems, ideal for power distribution and building wiring applications.

At Metsec Cables, quality is paramount. All our products comply with international and local standards, guaranteeing superior performance and safety. With our extensive industry experience, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we have earned the trust of clients worldwide.

High Performance

Metsec Cables specializes in manufacturing a comprehensive selection of Low Voltage cables and Building Wires designed to efficiently distribute power within residential and non-residential premises, adhering to stringent international standards.

Our focus lies in producing high-performance cables with unique attributes, such as fire resistance, low smoke, and reduced halogen emissions, ensuring utmost safety in critical applications.


For industrial applications, Metsec Cables specializes in integrated, added value cabling solutions highly customized to the individual specifications of customers. Metsec Cables serve a broad range of industries including the Oil, Gas & Petrochemical sector, transportation, mining and renewable energies sector, including wind and solar power, nuclear energy and also for defence and military applications.

Products range from Low and Medium Voltage power and instrumentation/ control cables, to dynamic multipurpose umbilicals for transporting energy, telecommunications, fluids and chemical products. In the transport sector Metsec cables are used in the construction of automobiles and also for infrastructure applications – in railways, harbours and airport facilities.


The ever-evolving energy landscape demands constant adaptability, and we stand prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow with the same passion and determination that have defined our journey thus far

Our First Priority

At Metsec Cables Ltd, we take pride in being able to anticipate and meet customer needs. We maintain strong relationships with our customers and focus our work on their total satisfaction.

The root of all our actions

We believe in ethical behavior in all transactions. We set high personal standards for ourselves and expect the people with whom we conduct business to do the same.

The Path to Excellence

We promote trust and teamwork by initiating and supporting meaningful group projects, as well as by reinforcing and rewarding effective teamwork in action thus encouraging diverse input.

Our Competitive Advantage

We know our customers have urgent needs. To meet them, we have eliminated waste and unnecessary work, thereby reducing cycle time and excessive bureaucracy

The Way We Grow

We believe in continually improving ourselves by promoting creativity and daring to think beyond the ordinary. We strive to achieve a high degree of freshness in each of our businesses.

The Way We Win

We are not afraid to set ambitious goals. We will continue to reinforce and recognize accomplishment and push ourselves even further to achieve our vision.